Cv Personal Statement - A Complete Writing Guide & Tips

by Kevin Philips · Updated DEC . 9, 2022

Cv Personal Statement - A Complete Writing Guide & Tips

Want to land your dream job? Your CV must be outstanding. But how can it be? This is the most technical question to answer.

Different factors are involved in successful hiring. A Cv Personal statement is one of them. It focuses on your experiences, achievements, and, most significantly, what benefits you can bring to the company. In short, this summarizes your professional life in a few sentences.

A practical and engaging personal statement will get you more interview calls. We are pretty sure you must be thinking about how to write a personal CV statement. Stop worrying and follow the practical methods and tips discussed in this article. Besides this, you can also get your customized personal statement through our cheap resume writing service.
In this blog post, you are going to learn,

  • What is a Cv Personal statement?
  • Importance of a personal statement
  • How to write a personal statement?
  • Some helpful tips for writing a personal statement

Grab the recruiter's attention by starting with a strong Cv personal statement. Before discussing anything else, Let’s study;

What Is A Cv Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a short paragraph of a few lines at the top of a CV. It highlights your professional life and future goals. A personal statement also states your ambition and motivation for the job you have applied for. It includes clear answers to what you can bring to the company. It is sometimes called a summary paragraph, executive summary, or job opening paragraph.

Components Of A Cv Personal Statement

An effective personal statement consists of multiple sections. Majorly a personal statement consists of the following main parts:

  • A descriptive sentence explaining your personality
  • Benefits you can bring to the company
  • Your career objective

These components combine to make an eye-catching and convincing start to the CV. It immediately grabs the manager’s attention in a few seconds and presents you as the ideal candidate for the job.

Importance Of A Personal Statement

There is no doubt that hundreds and even thousands of candidates apply for a single job. Recruiters don’t have the time to read every single one of them. To succeed in this case, you must have an excellent-performing CV.

What makes your CV stand out in a long list of competitors? The answer is pretty simple, i.e., A well-written personal statement.

A personal statement is written mainly to highlight why you are the perfect fit for the position. It is the first step in the ladder of your CV that enhances your unique talent. According to research, CVs with captivating personal statements perform better than ones without a customized personal profile.

How To Write A Personal Statement?

To write a personal statement, you must be well aware of the job requirement. Before you start writing, learn how to write a good CV personal statement and read the job description carefully twice or thrice.

Once you fully understand the responsibilities, hold your horses, grab pen and paper, and jump into the writing phase.

Prepare your Cv by taking a compelling start with a personal statement. Add the following essential sections to make your summary stand out.

1. Start With Who You Are

This is the first introductory sentence of your personality. This should be the very particular detail about your profession or personal life that may enhance your certain relevant abilities and soft skills. Focus on your career level and add your details accordingly.

2. Mention Your Experience Or Career Objective

Handle this section smartly. Have a look at your overall career. Filter out all the relevant experiences from your profile. Start adding this past work history related to the position you are applying for. It would help if you back your statement with results. Adding achievements would be a plus.

Remember that you are highlighting your experiences if you are an experienced person. However, for entry-level, you must focus on your career objective and future goals.

3. Include Your Career Goals

This is the last, on-point and very straightforward section of a personal statement. Clearly state what you value you can provide to the company. Give strong reasons for your suitability for the job and your hiring. It may also include your future goals that may be beneficial to the organization as well.

Following these ways will help you create a perfect and best-performing personal statements.

How Long A Personal Statement Should Be?

There is no hard and fast rule or specified length for a personal statement. But On average, it should be 50-80 words that make about three lines approx. It should be the starting part of a CV. It should be kept short and concise to have easy and quick read by the manager. Generally, A CV is a one or 2-page document. So your summary should be short and may not take the space of other essential sections.

Some Helpful Tips For Writing Personal Statement

Here are some helpful writing tips that will provide extra charm and a beautiful finish to your statement. Let’s have a look at these;

  1. Customize your statement and tailor it to the specific job you are applying for. Personalized CVs perform way better than generic ones.
  2. Choose a specific format and be consistent in following that. For example, If you have started your summary with first person pronoun, keep it first person throughout your CV. Don’t shift to the third person. Be conscious about the writing tone as well.
  3. Add practical details. Untrue or false information will devalue your CV.
  4. Include your related soft skills, hard skills, and achievements.
  5. Quantitatively include the results you achieved in your previous experiences.
  6. Avoid slang, jargon, or too much informal language.
  7. Proofread and double-check it for content errors, overuse of buzzwords, and grammatical mistakes.

A personal statement is written to enhance your personality and get hired. Implementing these ways can help you create a staunch personal statement. However, if you still need more time to focus on it. Don’t worry. Our expert resume writers are always there to help you out. Contact us. Discuss the details and leave the rest to our professionals.

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