Entry Level Copywriter Resume Making Guide By Experts

by Kevin Philips · Updated DEC. 06, 2022

 Entry Level Copywriter Resume

Whatever your level is in your Copywriting career, you must have creative, playing with words magical writing skills. The only thing that differentiates an expert copywriter from a junior one is experience.

A junior copywriter has potential convincing writing skills but works under the supervision of the senior copywriter. Do not worry. Your beginning will never shut off opportunities for you. To rock in your field as a beginner, just learn the art of making an impressive entry level copywriter resume . This will stand you out in this competitive world.

Multiple sections can be added to a beginner copywriter's resume. You can create it on your own. Being a copywriter will benefit you in this regard. Besides this, you can get your resume done by our affordable resume writer in no time.

To make this whole daunting process easier for you. We have summarized all the necessary and helpful points for you. Let’s look at these and dive into the resume-writing phase.
This guide will teach you;

  • How to make an entry level copywriter resume
  • Tips for writing a resume for beginner copywriter
  • Things that are plus attaching to resume

Entry Level Resume Writing Steps

Great care is taken while creating an entry level copywriter resume to ensure that all sections are valuable and entice the managers to call you back. Follow these practical techniques to build an impressive resume;

1. Choose A Right Resume Format Or Style

The right look creates a proper impact on the manager’s mind. It can be done by following a professional template for your resume.

The design of the resume is something that will convey your message and present your personality to the recruiter. Therefore, pay close attention to the layout, design and readability of the content in the format.

We suggest you select a template with more white and empty spaces. An easy-to-read writing font is another plus for a beginner resume.

2. Start With A Strong Objective

A career objective or summary is the first section of a resume, following your details like name, title, contact details, etc.

This summary paragraph includes a brief, concise and crisp overview of your personal and professional life. Highlight your motivation and reasons for being a perfect fit for the job. Also, include your future goals for the job. Don’t forget to mention the benefits and value you can provide to the company you are applying to.

Remember, never use useless bland sentences. Instead, complement your sayings with quantifiable results.

3. Include Your Qualification

Education is the must-have section for every beginner-level resume. But remember, you are adding it in the correct format.

  • Start with the institution name you studied at in this section's first line. It would be another plus if you graduated from a famous, well-reputed university.
  • Proceed with your degree title in the second line.
  • Include your majors following the minors of your program in the third line.
  • Mention the dates when you completed your degree in the fourth line.

Usually, copywriters have degrees in Marketing, English, creative writing, journalism, advertising, etc. but there is no hard and fast rule or eligibility criteria for a copywriter post. You can rock in the field if you have any science subject degree but impressive copywriting skills.

4. Mention Your Courses Or Internships

This section holds tremendous importance if you have zero to less experience under your belt. Include all the relevant courses that you have taken to learn copywriting. This will show that you have enough skills required for the post.

Also, mention if you have done any internships in the field. Remember to include your achievements. This indicates your dedication, hard work, and love for writing.

5. Add Your Relevant Skills

The hiring process is not restricted to your education, courses, background, etc. Copywriter designation demands very high-end skills. Both soft and hard skills impact hiring to a great extent.

Include all your relevant skills. Let’s have a look at some of the most in demands skills for copywriters;

  • Soft skills: Creativity, time management, strong work ethic, etc.
  • Hard skills: Strong market research, designing, keyword research, competitor analysis, etc.

6. Attach A Cover Letter

The single yet most effective and helpful advice for the section is to pair your resume with a cover letter. Your cover letter will cover the gap in your resume and present you in the best way possible.
Keep in mind your cover letter should be engaging and value-adding. You can learn how to create a cover letter and implement these techniques in your resume.

7. Must Include Your Portfolio

Who can deny the importance of adding a portfolio to your job application? Believe me, it works wonderfully.

Create some powerful samples and compile them in an attractive portfolio. Include a link to your writing portfolio below the title “copywriter” in your resume.

A perfectly written cover letter and portfolio are the things that will kick-start your career in no time.

Some Other Helpful Tips For Writing An Entry Level Copywriter Resume

  1. Some Other Helpful Tips For Writing An Entry Level Copywriter Resume
  2. Customize your resume according to the job description. Include the relevant details on the top.
  3. Make your resume ATS-friendly by mentioning all the relevant keywords in the right amount at the right place.
  4. Don’t include confidential or too personal information.
  5. Make sure to mention any writing you have ever done for your school, college, university magazines, or website.
  6. Use a persuasive writing tone that highlights your practical communication skills.
  7. Use strong action verbs, like, created, planned, developed, executed, etc.
  8. Always include quantifiable achievements or results you have achieved in your last or any past activity.
  9. Don’t unnecessarily increase the length of your resume.
  10. Give a solid hidden, yet meaningful call to action.
  11. Proofread your resume multiple times before submitting it. It is preferred to get it checked by some professional.

An entry-level copywriter resume requires enough skills and impressive writing techniques. You can follow these guidelines and tips mentioned above to create a compelling beginner copywriter resume. However, if you can’t spare quality time for this future-making task, don’t risk it by building in a hurry. You can avail our best federal resume writing services as well. We will create a job-winning resume precisely according to your needs.

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