How to Put A Study Abroad on Resume: Elevates Your Potential

by Kevin Philips · Updated November. 13, 2023

Study Abroad on Resume

Venturing overseas for academic pursuits is a popular choice among university students, seeking to broaden their educational landscape and skillset. This journey not only immerses them in diverse cultural environments but also nurtures self-reliance and fosters connections across varied backgrounds, potentially boosting their future employment opportunities.

This article aims to guide you on effectively incorporating your overseas academic experiences into your resume. It's not just about listing your study abroad; it's about highlighting the unique skills and global insights gained. Let's delve into how you can make your international academic journey a compelling part of your professional profile.

Strategically Highlighting Study Abroad on Your Resume

Studying abroad can add considerable value to your resume and increase your competitiveness when applying for internships and jobs. However, how can you effectively and persuasively emphasize your study abroad experience on your resume? Here are some pointers:

Decide where to list your study abroad experience

In crafting your resume, consider showcasing your study abroad experience in two primary sections: education and experience. For recent graduates or those with limited work experience, featuring study abroad in the education section can be impactful. It shines a spotlight on your international academic journey, signaling to potential employers your exposure to global education.

For those with a more robust work history, weaving your study abroad stint into the experience section is beneficial. This approach allows you to underline specific skills or insights you acquired overseas, enriching your professional narrative with a global perspective.

Include the key details of your study abroad experience.

Make sure to include the following important information on your resume when describing your study abroad experience:

  • The name of the foreign school you attended
  • The country and location of your overseas study
  • The dates of your programme to study abroad
  • Any pertinent coursework or projects you did while visiting another country
  • Emphasize the knowledge and expertise you acquired while abroad.

Highlight the skills and experience that you gained while abroad.

Make sure to emphasize the skills and experience you acquired while studying abroad in addition to providing a summary of the important aspects of your experience. This might consist of:

  • Language proficiency
  • Cultural acuity
  • Communication skills
  • Skills for Collaboration
  • Skills for resolving issues
  • Adaptability

Customize your CV to the job you are seeking.

Tailor your CV to match the specific job you're targeting. Focus on highlighting experiences and skills that align closely with the job requirements, including your time spent abroad. If the role demands language skills or cultural insight, make sure to detail your study abroad experience in your cover letter or resume summary.

Put your achievements into numbers.

When describing your achievements from studying abroad, use numbers to provide a clear impact. For example, instead of simply stating "conducted a research project on sustainable tourism," you could specify "conducted a sustainable tourism research project, leading to a 20% growth in bookings for local eco-friendly businesses." This approach offers a tangible measure of your experience's impact.

Why you should include your study abroad experience

Your international study experience can significantly bolster your CV. Here’s why it's a game-changer for your resume:

  • Distinctive Edge: It sets you apart, showcasing your courage to venture out of your comfort zone.
  • Value Insight: Opting to study abroad reflects your adaptability and eagerness to immerse in diverse cultures. It illustrates your openness and receptivity to varied life experiences.
  • Skill Enhancement: Beyond academic pursuits, studying abroad involves mastering new environments, understanding diverse viewpoints, and often acquiring a new language. These rich experiences equip you with a unique skill set beneficial in any professional setting.
  • Compensates for Limited Work Experience: If your work experience seems scant, your overseas academic adventure can compensate. This period signifies personal development and your capacity to embrace and overcome challenges.

Study abroad resume examples

Here are few examples of how you can mention your study abroad experience in your resume:


  • University of Colorado-Boulder | Boulder, Colorado
  • Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies | May 2020
  • Honors: Dean's List 2018-2020

  • University of Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain
  • Global Studies Program | Fall Semester 2019
  • Honors: Garcia Scholars Study Abroad Grant


  • Barcelona Beyond Borders | Barcelona, Spain
  • Community Outreach Coordinator (Fall Semester 2019)
    • Collaborated with a dynamic team of 10 to develop outreach strategies for the program
    • Executed communication tasks, providing stellar customer support via email and phone
    • Designed and distributed program information to incoming students, answering queries and offering guidance
    • Served as a Spanish-English liaison for over 20 volunteers, ensuring smooth communication


  • Communication: Proficient in written and verbal communication, adept at utilizing email marketing systems and customer support software
  • Languages: Fluent in Spanish
  • Interests: Passionate about global exploration, delving into diverse cultures, and capturing moments through the lens of photojournalism

Your journey abroad undoubtedly transforms you into a globally aware, adaptable, and open-minded individual. By incorporating your study abroad experience into your resume, you can highlight skills and attributes that set you apart. At ResumeWritingWorld, we're here to guide you in maximizing the impact of this unique experience on your resume. Reach out to us today to craft a resume that truly reflects the world-ready professional you've become.