Do You Need A Cover Letter For A Resume?

by Kevin Philips · Updated Nov. 24, 2022

Do You Need A Cover Letter For A Resume?

Are you in the job-hunting phase? If yes, you must have seen the ‘cover letter required’ instruction in the job hunting phase. But this is not the case with every job you apply for. This makes students worried, and they think,do I need a cover letter for a resume or not?

Sometimes, recruiters are very particular about cover letters to understand your personality better, whereas others pay little attention to it.

To provide reliable, authentic information, we have consulted multiple experts, hiring managers, company owners and interviewers of different levels. In this article, we are going to discuss,

  • What is a Cover letter
  • Importance of Cover letters
  • When to Use a cover letter
  • Reasons to include a cover letter
  • When to avoid a cover letter and why

All these sections will clear everything about the cover letter placement. Besides this, you can seek help from our affordable resume writing service for custom advice. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

Do I Need A Cover Letter For A Resume?

Yes, it is preferred to submit a cover letter with your resume. No matter, whether the recruiter reads it or not, including it in job application is always a plus. According to research, on average 30-40% of the employers read the whole cover letter.

Job seekers commonly ask this question from our experts. Before reading further, you need to understand what is the purpose of a cover letter and why it is written? This will help you choose when and why to attach a cover letter.

What Is A Cover Letter And Why It Is Important?

A cover letter is a detailed document describing your credentials, personality traits and motivation in a narrative style. It highlights your unique reason to be a perfect fit for the specified job. This document is convincing enough to set you apart from other candidates. Through a cover letter, you can connect with an employer.

Keep in mind you are not wasting the employer’s time through your ueless cover letter. Ensure the correct format and perfect writing style of the cover letter. Learn how to write a cover letter, then do it yourself. Besides its writing, you must know the occasions for attaching a cover letter with a resume.

When I Need A Cover Letter With My Resume?

47% of the candidates do not submit a cover letter while applying for a job for any reason. The answer to when they should submit the cover letter lies in the employers’ funnel. Given below are the situations when you need the cover letter;

  • If the job advertisement includes the cover letter requirement, you must attach a compelling cover letter to complement your resume.
  • The second case would be no instruction about the letter in the announcement. According to experts, you should also send the letter in this scenario.
  • If someone refers you for the job, you should take your resume to the interview with a cover letter.

Tip: If you want a job in your dream organization, create a precise, crisp and customized cover letter and submit it with your CV, even if there is no job opening. This will show your interest in the company.

Keep in mind sending a cover letter will never hurt you until and unless it is a situation of “no cover letter required”.

Reasons To Submit A Cover Letter With Resume

Sending a cover letter is always logical. Multiple strong reasons support the submission of a cover letter. Some of them are:

  1. Writing a cover letter requires enough energy and effort. Submitting it shows your hard work and dedication.
  2. Cover letters show your interest and commitment to a particular job.
  3. A customized cover letter highlights your sense of responsibility.
  4. It sets you apart from the list of candidates and increases your chances of hiring.
  5. A Cover letter covers the gap in the details of your resume. It allows presenting yourself more precisely as compared to the resume.

When Not To Include A Cover Letter

No doubt, submitting a cover letter is appreciated. But there are cases in which doing so is a big NO. Let’s have a look at the situations in which avoiding a cover letter is a good option.

  • When the job instruction clearly states no cover letter is required. These may be like ‘no cover letter accepted’, ‘only resume or CV’, etc.
  • Customization followed by creativity always wins. Never submit a cover letter if it is a general template you want to fit in every job application.
  • Never submit a cover letter if you don’t know the proper format and correct writing style. Very long cover letters are also poor performing.
  • Do not submit a cover letter if you don’t find any specified space for it while filling out your job application online.

Remember, submitting no cover letter is better than a poorly written one.

Reasons Not To Submit A Cover Letter With Resume

Submitting a cover letter in restricted cases is prohibited due to the following reasons;

  • It shows your carelessness regarding following the instructions.
  • A poorly written cover letter may leave a question mark on your skills even before an interview.
  • Attaching it in an unspecified area will present you with very unprofessional and unorganized.

Well, this was all about the importance and need for a cover letter. You must be clear now.

To summarize, Yes, A cover letter should be submitted with your resume. It should be submitted when the employer requires one or there is no instruction about it in the job advertisement. On the other hand, only submit it if the recruiter accepts it or if the cover letter is in a suitable format.

If you still have any questions or need assistance. Consult our expert and professional cover letter writers. They will help you in no time.

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