What Can a Cover Letter Explain that a Resume Cannot: Beyond the Resume

by Kevin Philips · Updated October. 31, 2023

What Can a Cover Letter Explain that a Resume Canno

A cover letter is a formal document that is commonly submitted with a résumé. The purpose of this one-page letter is to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and provide your reasons for applying for the job. It's your chance to narrate your unique journey and align yourself with the company's mission and values.

A resume is a concise overview of your educational background, experience, and qualifications. It generally consists of one or two pages and is formatted as a bulleted list.

What a Cover Letter Reveals Beyond the Resume

A cover letter can explain some things that a resume cannot, such as:

  • Why are you interested in the specific position and company? A cover letter can justify your suitability for the position and the organization and allows you to go beyond simply listing your qualifications. You can give a personal narrative that shows your passion for the field, or you could say something particular about the position or company that piques your curiosity.
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  • Your skills and experience in more detail. You can just have a few bullet points on your resume to list your previous jobs. In a cover letter, you can elaborate on these bullet points and give more detailed examples of your work and achievements.
  • Your personality and enthusiasm. In your cover letter, you have a chance to express your personality and convey the hiring manager your excitement for the position. In your cover letter, you may discuss your work style, your values, and your future goals.
  • Your soft skills and personality. A resume can only tell a hiring manager so much about your skills and experience. A cover letter is an excellent way to highlight your soft skills, such as problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. Additionally, you can use your cover letter to more effectively convey your work style and personality to the recruiting manager.

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Your cover letter goes beyond the resume, allowing you to share your unique narrative, demonstrate your alignment with the company, and express your passion. It's the key to leaving a memorable mark in the competitive world of career branding.

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