24 Practical Zoom Interview Tips To Land Your Dream Job

by Kevin Philips · Updated DEC . 14, 2022

Practical Zoom Interview Tips To Land Your Dream Job

Interviews are always goosebumps giving activity, whether it is a virtual video interview or in-person. In-person meetings are a past thing now, especially after COVID-19. According to research, 83% of recruiters are using online interview formats.

There is no doubt that virtual interviews require special attention to tilt the bar of success in your favour. Such interviews are usually conducted through Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, etc. There is a very thin line difference between both interviews. Following effective zoom interview tips will help you crush your interview successfully.

We have performed extensive research and consulted multiple hiring managers, our affordable resume writers, employers and other authoritative position holders to know all the helpful ways to win a zoom interview.

In this article, we will guide you from start to finish regarding virtual interviews. This guide is divided into three sections.

Effective Tips To Follow Before Zoom Interview

This section enlightens all the necessary details and steps before appearing in the interview. Following them will keep you confident and save you from the hassle and unnecessary stress. Let’s have a look at these tips:

  1. Before appearing in the interview, thoroughly research the company. Visit its website and multiple social media platforms. Analyze the company work environment, dress code and culture.
  2. Ask the HR managers about the interview panel, whether a single person or a panel interview. Know their names and further professional details, like qualifications, titles, and status in the company.
  3. Rehearse using interview platforms. For example, if you are going for a zoom interview. Install the zoom App, particularly its latest version, if you don’t already have it on your laptop. Create your account on zoom by adding all the essential details.
  4. Test the zoom application, including its audio, video, mute button, chat option, screen share, adding background, recording feature, or all other necessary details.
  5. Ask HR about the format. The interviewer usually sends the zoom meeting link or ID, and the candidate joins through it.

    When you get this basic information, visit the company website. Analyze its official section and study the profile of your interviewers. You can also chec these information on LinkdIn. This will help you know their status and prepare accordingly.

  6. Check your internet connection before time. Poor internet connection negatively impacts your interview. Therefore, ensure you have a plan B for an internet connection.
  7. Test all your gadgets before time. Ensure that your laptop, mic or all other equipment is working completely fine. Charge your laptop before the interview.
  8. Decide on a professional outfit according to the company dress code or the position you have applied for. It is preferred to wear nude shades that are more professional, like beige, navy blue, black, white, etc. Avoid using loud and vibrant colours like red, orange, pink, etc.
  9. Prepare your customized answers for the commonly asked interview questions. This will help you to be fluent in your conversation with the interviewer.

Helpful Tips To Follow During Zoom Interview

Presentation during the interview is the most attention-giving factor. You must look professional and competent to the interviewer, even in the zoom interview. Follow the given tips to look and sound a perfect fit for the job:

  1. The first thing to be considered strongly is punctuality. Do not ever be late for the zoom interview. Be on time. Get ready 5 minutes before the interview starts.
  2. Find and sit at a quiet place, preferably with a plain, solid colour background. You can also use a virtual background if you are a tech person. This will boost your first impression on the recruiters.
  3. Ensure your environment is brightly lit so you are easily visible to the manager.
  4. Pay strong attention to your non-verbal communication, like gestures, hands and body movements. This will help you deliver your message in a way that you exactly want.
  5. Maintain a natural and smooth eye connection with the interviewer. This will make you look confident. Don’t forget to engage all the members if you are in a panel interview.
  6. Remove all distractions. Sit in the silent room. Turn off all other unnecessary notifications. Keep your mobile phone in silent mode. Lock th door of your room if you have children in the house who may disturb you during the interview.
  7. Nurture your interview with solid body language. Sit straight, facing the camera. Do not lean right or left on your seat.
  8. Listen to your interviewer carefully and answer accordingly. Be patient, wait until he completes his talk, and answer his questions. Be focused, Keep your conversation on-point and do not drag from the topic.
  9. Show interest and keep your conversation connected with the interviewer. Be curious and ask a few questions from the employer at the end of the interview.

Practical Tips To Follow After Zoom Interview

Closing a deal or an interview holds great importance. You can never end your conversation by simply dropping a call. This seems much unprofessional. Adopt the following practices for a professional follow-up:

  1. Find out who is the most relevant person to contact further, who may be the recruiter, hiring manager or employer, etc.
  2. Wait for the specified time mentioned by the employer. If this is not the case, wait for 1-2 days and send a follow-up email.
  3. Contact the focal person with a special thank you note for the valuable interview opportunity and ask about further updates.
  4. Send a concise email highlighting that you are still interested and determined to provide you with the desired results if given a chance. Remember, you should not sound desperate at all.
  5. Add any necessary detail that you forgot in the interview.
  6. End your email by adding a solid call to action (CTA) that convinces the manager to contact you.

Zoom interviews are the future in this fast-growing world. A candidate needs to be intelligent and competent enough to face all the challenges a zoom interview brings. No doubt, the basics of the interview remain the same for both virtual and in-person interviews. Yes, special preparation is required for a zoom interview. Following the mentioned above tips will help you succeed in any virtual interview.

Giving personalized answers will be another plus to crash an interview. You can consult our interview coaches for customized answers to the commonly asked interview questions. Feed your details and leave the rest to professionals.