Good Vs Bad Resume-A complete differentiating guide⚙️

Submitting a CV or resume in your job search process holds a lot of importance. But is there any concepet of good vs bad resume ? The answer is pretty simple, YES. The resume that does not get you an interview call or job is not a good resume.

This Image is About Good Vs Bad Resume-A complete differentiating guide⚙️

Recruiters usually receive hundreds of resume for a single job post. They spend only a few seconds or a minute to accept or reject it. Getting a call from hiring manager will appreciate that you hit the benchmark of creating a good resume otherwise it may be in the trash box.

To provide you ease and put a smile on your face, we have consulted multiple resume experts, career coaches, and hiring managers about attention-seeking best and poorly-made weak resumes. In this article, experts at our cheap resume writing service will guide you on good and vs bad resumes and some mistakes to avoid while creating a resume.

What Is Good Vs Bad Resume?

Certain resumes fail to highlight your qualification, experiences, and skills impressively. They are not competent enough to land a job. Recruiters consider them a very common, already prepared resume that does not contain any value-adding information. These resumes are simply regarded as weak or bad resumes.

Whereas some resumes are mind-blowing, they instantly impress the recruiter and convince him to call you back and set up an interview. Such resumes are perfect documents with impressive layouts, design, and effective vocabulary use. These are the job-winning, good resumes.

If you follow the right ways and tips for resume writing and avoid mistakes that turn a good resume into a bad one, you can create a perfect good resume. Before proceeding further, let's discuss the significant characteristics and differences between good and bad resumes.

Good Resume Bad Resume
Well organized and perfectly structured Disorganized and have no definite structure
It is very to read and skip through Difficult to read and understand
It is error-free i.e., does not contain any grammar or content mistake. It has errors in it like spelling or grammar errors.
A good resume is always ATS friendly with proper use of required keywords and phrases. It has over and improper use of keywords which make them ATS non-friendly.
Tailored to a specific job Generalized, same for every job
Contains relevant experience, resultsand information. Does not contain any real example or information.
Is very simple and thoughtful Contain distracting elements like too loud colors, graphics and unprofessional fonts
Ideally, completed on one page Completed in two three pages or even more

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To 5 Mistakes That Must Be Avoided While Resume Building

Sometimes, we have a brilliant set of qualifications, experience, or skills, but still, our resume is not productive to the required level. Are you also suffering from the same issue? Do not worry. We have brought the solutions for you. There is no hard and fast rule for it. You just need to be careful and avoid the mistake that deviates the resume from a good one.

Let’s have a look at the top mistakes that must be avoided while creating your resume.

1. Poor Format or template

The design or layout of the resume is the first thing that a recruiter comes across. It is an essential element that makes managers decide whether to read the resume further. A good resume is perfectly structured with the best content alignment. It increases the resume's readability and convinces the recruiter in the first few seconds.

On the other hand, a poorly formatted resume with conjusted and poor content adjustment is a bad resume. Therefore, never opt for the unprofessional template.

Keep your resume clean and simple. Focus on line spacing, font style, size, and headers. Present the qualification, experience, and skills in a great way. You can also study here resume dos and don’ts to make a perfect resume.

2. Adding Irrelevant Skills Or Experience

Adding irrelevant experiences or skills may present you as of no use. Always show yourself a perfect fit for the position. Mention your most credible and valuable skill set. Avoid mentioning the common skills that everyone has. For example, simple text messaging. Adding email skills will set you apart from other simple messaging skills.

Read the description carefully and add your relevant experience. Mention the results you achieved in your last job related to the post.

3. Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Grammar and spelling mistakes make a very negative impact at a professional level. These are the mistakes that may put your resume in the basket. Pay much attention to it. Proofread your resume twice or thrice to remove all errors, including grammar, syntax, spell check, or context mistakes. You can also use grammar-checking software, e.g., Grammarly. It is preferred to get your resume checked by an expert. He will recheck, correct, and update your resume according to your requirements.

4. Neglecting Achievements

Praising yourself without mentioning any achievement or result is of no use. Mention your relevant rewards, honors, and accomplishments. This will add credibility and trust to your personality. Do not make your resume too academic by adding only qualifications and grades. Add some practical skills to your resume.

5. Not customizing Resume

The Internet is full of ready-made resume templates available online. Most students simply search resume or CV in google and use the already prepared templates. This is the first and most significant mistake that they make during their career.

We suggest you customize your resume according to the job description. Tailor it specifically for the job. Customization is the key to your perfect resume.

These are the mistakes commonly seen in resumes. You should avoid these to create a perfect resume. Pay full attention and create an error-free resume. If you are still feeling difficulty in resume building, no more worries. Our professionals are there to help you in every difficult phase. Contact our experts, give your entails and wait for the best performing resume in no time.


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