11 Words and Phrases to Avoid in a Resume in 2024

Resume Writing Tips for College Students

Do words impact the reader? How to write about what I did in my previous academic records or previous job? All that matters is your first impression. Words are the most powerful weapon while writing your resume in 2024, it may select you or reject you. You have only a few minutes to impress your recruiter so never describe yourself in meaningless words.

Many companies use different softwares such as screening software for the final evaluation of the candidate, So you first impress your recruiter by using effective keywords in your resume. Include simple yet strong and meaningful words and phrases to write an effective resume in 2024.

After extensive research and consulting with multiple hiring managers and a team of other recruiters with years of writing experience, we have produced a list of some words and phrases that should not be included in your resume.

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Words and Phrases to Remove from your resume Right Away in 2024

What to include in my resume in 2024?

Did you know every single word counts while reading your resume? For a recruiter, it takes only 4 to 5 minutes to decide whether the candidate is best for the required position or not. To make your resume stand out, you must add attention-grabbing words in your CV or resume. Students are usually confused and ask What to include or avoid in resume Besides this, a person must pay serious attention to the words and phrases that should not be used in a resume. Do not worry; we have collected those words too.

Below is the list of words you must exclude from your resume in 2024. Proofread your resume to remove such words, if you find any, or replace them with convincing phrases. Proofread your resume to make sure you are using effective keywords.

Following are the words and phrases you must avoid while writing your resume in 2024.

  1. Unemployed

    Your previous job details already show when you left your job in 2024, so you don’t need to highlight that twice. Mentioning that you are unemployed and needy seems so unprofessional and shows a negative impression.

  2. Avoid repetitive Words

    Always be creative with the words in your resume. Do not repeat the words to avoid fluff. Present yourself so beautifully that it entices the recruiter's interest to arrange an interview for you.

  3. Don’t praise yourself too much

    Being a hard worker who works on time is a kind of self-motivation, so do not need to highlight it again and again. You are a hard worker and the reason you are applying for the job, it looks so odd while mentioning it in your resume in 2024.

    Avoid praising yourself too much like, I am an “expert” or “specialist”. Instead, mention the results you achieve. Focus on your accomplishments.

  4. Avoid Filler Words

    While writing your resume in 2024, make sure to use effective words and phrases. Do not crowd your resume with filler words like ambitious, creative, perfect, to only complete the word count or make your resume lengthier. Proofread your resume numerous times before sending it to the hiring team. A single mistake eliminates you and gives a chance to another candidate with a strong resume.

  5. Go-Getter

    This is another useless word delivering no meaning and makes a bad impression on the hiring manager .If you want to add such words, support them with powerful words. For example, “I am a go-getter,” follow these words with the sentence, “ with years of experience in bringing sales more than a mentioned goal.”

  6. Synergy

    It is a trending term but not delivering a clear meaning to the hiring manager. So we prefer to not use this type of words in your resume in 2024. Use more definite words to specify what you are explaining. Did you “interact” or “cooperate” or “collaborate” with a variety of departments? Use these types of action verbs to clarify what you mean.

  7. Avoid Weak Action Verbs

    Action verbs describe the action. But keep in mind all these verbs are not of equal importance. Some perfectly suit the context and deliver the right meaning, while others don’t. Recruiters are bored of reading the same weak action verbs in the resume. We suggest you use strong action verbs to add authority to your resume. For example, Instead of using “helped,” use strong verbs like “coached,” “facilitated,” and “assessed.”

  8. I, She, He, Him, Her

    These types of words seem so weird and make a bad impression hiring managers.Avoid overuse of personal pronouns. For example, instead of writing "I led a team of four people" or "Jamie led a team," write "Led a team of four."

  9. Never Lie in Your Resume

    Action speaks louder than words. Although you believe that mentioning all the skills required in the job description would guarantee an internship or job, this is not always true. When it comes to skills, telling the truth will help you succeed in your career. Being honest can still give you valuable training and learning opportunities on the job.

  10. Don’t Add Unnecessary Details

    Be on point and avoid unnecessary details that may distract the manager from point. There is no need to add your family details, too much about your past, refrences and other informal information.

  11. Don’t Exaggerate

    The most common mistake while making your resume is you explain things in detail which makes a negative impact on the reader.Try to be precise and focus on your goals. Mention your past job experience if it is relevant to the current one.

    These were some of the words and phrases that may cringe the recruiter due to their continuous use. Make sure to create an effective resume using perfectly suitable and powerful words. If you don’t find yourself confident enough, do not worry anymore. Contact our professionals who have years of experience in writing top-quality resumes. Ask them for assistance and wait for your mind-blowing resume with an impressive vocabulary.

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